Sun AnswerBook display on AIXWindows

Sun AnswerBook display on AIXWindows

Post by Glenn Leave » Thu, 03 Mar 1994 23:23:08

From what I understand, the Solaris 2.3 AnswerBook no longer has to be
displayed on a NeWS server, but can be displayed on any X-Windows server,
provided that the server is running Display PostScript.  This seems to be
the case, as I am able to display the Solaris 2.3 AnswerBook on my
AIXWindows server, which comes with DSP.  However, it seems that DPS in
AIX only comes with the basic PostScript fonts, and not the extended set.
This being the case, my AnswerBook pages aren't very readable.

Does anyone know where I can obtain the extended DPS fonts, or know of any
other way to clear up the Solaris 2.3 AnswerBook display?  Thanks for any


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1. Display AnswerBook on non-Sun X server

I am trying to display the Solaris 2.4 AnswerBook application on a
non-Sun X server (an HP 715).  The comp.unix.solaris FAQ mentions
that Solaris 2.3 and later use the X Display PostScript extension
to display the answerbook documents.  It also mentions that there
are several scripts available to do this on other X servers that
don't have the DPS extension.  However, the FAQ doesn't give any
specifics on where to find one of these scripts.

I suspect it involves using the Adobe dpsnx agent to convert
the PostScript into X calls the server can understand.  I have
the Adobe Acrobat reader for Solaris, so I have a copy of the
dpsnx agent.  But I can't find any documentation on it (the
Acrobat reader launches dpsnx automatically when needed).

Has anyone done this before?   I feel like I have most of the
pieces, but just need some help putting them together.


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