sformat 3.1 & SCSI general library have been released

sformat 3.1 & SCSI general library have been released

Post by Joerg Schilli » Fri, 03 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Sformat 3.1 has been released.

Sformat allows formatting/partitioning/analysis/repairing of SCSI disks
Sformat runs on sparc and motorola on SunOS / Solaris 2.x or later.

NEW features of sformat-3.1:

        - Online help for all input
        - Byteorder in defect list data corredted (preventive for x86)
        - Disk queueing parameters settable
        - Added extra questions to prevent unwanted disk modification
        - Write label only if disk has been formatted or
          Label has been mofified.
        - allow shifting of a partition with '>>'
        - Vstart & Vend option will work on:
          -verify, -randrw & -seek
        - Display seek timings with -seek
        - Reassign only one bad block at a time
          to hack a IBM firmware bug.
        - Print percentage of format time.
        - Better check if a parameter really needs to be
          provided by the user.
        - As only to select label if there is more than one
          Label for this disk in the database
        - Some new disks added to the database

This is a preliminary public version of the sformat utility.

This version is binary for Solaris and SunOS (sparc) only.
You need to unpack the tar file too to get all files needed.

SunOS:          sformat-3.1.sparc-sunos4.tar.Z
Solaris:        sformat-3.1.tar.Z

There will be source with GPL in the second week of January 1997.
(I need to complete the english troff manual first).

The main advantages to the Sun format utility are:

        -       Working surface analyze that will detect
                defective blocks that are going to get bad.

        -       Analyzing program that detects defective
                bearings in the disk (-randrw).

        -       Will repair nealy any defective disk, that
                has no firmware bug or electric defect.

        -       Allows to clear the grown defect list if a disk.

        -       Disk geometry and label geometry are separated.

        -       Large database of disks including firmware

        -       You need no desk calculator to generate
                a partition table.
                Shorthands for:
                -       MBytes
                -       cylinders/head/sectors
                -       size partition to end on end of disk
                -       partition following another partition
                -       partition ending before another partition
                -       shifting partition on the disk
                        (allows growing part 0 and shrinking part 1)

        -       Partition consistency checker with graphical

        -       Mode page interpreter allows to set easily
                all mode pages you will ever find in a manual,
                sformat needs not to know about them.

There is an old german documentation located in
/opt/schily/doc and a currently growing nroff/troff document
in sformat.1
To view the troff document, type:

nroff -man sformat.1 | more -s

The disk database is located in /opt/schily/etc/sformat.dat

The 'sformat' program is Copyright 1986-1997 J?rg Schilling,
it is supplied binary in tar format and is tested
on Solaris 2.3, Solaris 2.4 & Solaris 2.5 (sparc).
And on SunOS 4.1.x on Motorola & Sparc.

The first version of sformat has been made in 1986.

Sformat is the first SCSI disk formatting/analyzing/repairing that runs on
SunOS/Solaris. The first release of sformat has been made for SunOS 3.0
(two years before Sun introduced their format utility). Sformat source
including 10 years of competence in SCSI disk handling will be
available within the next few weeks.

You *need* the SCSI general driver 'scg' in order to run sformat.

The 'scg' driver is Copyright 1986-1995 J?rg Schilling,
it is supplied binary in pkgadd(1m) format and is tested
on Solaris 2.3, Solaris 2.4 & Solaris 2.5 (sparc).

To install get:

        SCHILYscg.sparc.tar.Z   The scg driver in pkgadd format (sparc).
        sformat-3.1.tar.Z       The sformat for Solaris distribution.

NOTE:   These tar archives are 100% ansi compatible. Solaris 2.x tar and GNU
        tar may get some minor trouble.

The files are located on:

ftp://ftp.fokus.gmd.de/pub/unix/sformat/ ...
ftp://ftp.fokus.gmd.de/pub/unix/kernel/scg/ ...

        Joerg Schilling

        (really J?rg Schilling if you have ISO-8859-1)

If you have questions mail to:


URL:    http://www.fokus.gmd.de/usr/schilling    J"org Schilling