Biggest disks supported under 2.3?

Biggest disks supported under 2.3?

Post by Robert Sturro » Tue, 07 Jun 1994 11:19:36

Does anyone happen to know off-hand what the largest disk that Solaris
2.3 can handle is?  I seem to recall 4GB as being the figure.  We were
looking at purchasing a 9GB disk, and just wondered whether this could
be used ...


-Robert Sturrock (Deakin University)


Biggest disks supported under 2.3?

Post by Andrew Harrison SUNUK Consultan » Fri, 10 Jun 1994 20:22:45


The largest drives sun supply are the 2.9 GB fast and wide DSCSI drives
unless you count the SPARCstorage array which allows you to concatenate drives
together to give you what ever size you like up to 1TB for a filesystem.

The largest single spindles I have seen are the Seagate 9GB drives.
These work with Solaris 2.3 unless you need to format the drive in which case
format will fail after 120 minutes. This is due to format timeout limit of 120

This timeout can be changed in 4.1.3 but I don't know how to do this in 2.3

Andrew Harrison SUNUK Consulting


1. Does Solaris 2.3 support Disk Partitions > 2GB?

The subject line says it all; is it true that as of release 2.3,
Solaris supports disk partitions larger than 2GB?  If so, what is
the limit?

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