stdio.h broken?

stdio.h broken?

Post by Dav » Wed, 03 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I get this garbage when trying to compile a program using
SunPro C 2.1:

"/usr/include/stdio.h", line 171: Illegal character # in preprocessor if
"/usr/include/stdio.h", line 171:  (in preprocessor if): syntax error
"/usr/include/stdio.h", line 211: Illegal character # in preprocessor if
"/usr/include/stdio.h", line 211:  (in preprocessor if): syntax error

Its pretty bad when something like gcc works fine and I get this stuff
with the vendor suppied compiler.

Does anyone know what the problem is here?


Dave Margrave


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So many repetitive messages asking the same questions!  Does noone bother
to grep the topics for possible solutions?

Here are some of the answers to your problems:

If you upgrade to ELF libraries, you need an ELF linker:  get new

If you upgrade your kernel, you will likely need to upgrade to (or higher):
termcap 2.0.8, proc-ps.0.99a, libc 5.3.12 (see below!), modules-1.3.69f,
gcc 2.7.2.

If you upgrade your libc, you will need to patch or upgrade make to make

It may possible that when you upgrade your compiler, you may need to
install a new (ELF) libc.

William Burrow  --  Fredericton Area Network

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