Hot spare when both submirrors fails (DiskSuite 4.2)?

Hot spare when both submirrors fails (DiskSuite 4.2)?

Post by andreas.almr.. » Tue, 07 Dec 1999 04:00:00

G'day netfolks,

Yet another question from me...

I'm currently installing a mirrored device using two submirrors.
The submirrors reside on different disks och different controllers,
with a hot spare pool on a third disk on a third controller.

My question is simple;
Let's say the the second submirror fails, the system automatically
allocates a hot spare slice for it.
Well, if the first submirror fails at this point to (well let's
say an hour after the hot spare slice is allocated and synchronised),
will the mirror fail, or is the system now running the show on the
hot spare only?
What I'm asking, can both submirrors fail when using hot spare pool?
And second, will the mirror come back up, when I replace the faulty

Any information or pointers on this topic is greatly appriciated.

Andreas Almroth

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N.B. I don't want to use the spare disks as Hot spares.

Thanks a lot.

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