how to adjust key repeat rate on a user basis

how to adjust key repeat rate on a user basis

Post by Donald Tan » Sat, 22 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I am using CDE environment and would like to know how to adjust the key
repeat rate on an individual user basis.




1. Adjusting keyboard repeat rate with VNC


I've built a vncserver (Xvnc) using the RECORD and XTEST extensions
for use with xnee ( on Solaris.

I use a vncviewer on Solaris too.  When I type something into the
viewer, the keyboard events appear to be OK.  But what was captured
during the record session exhibits a keybounce problem.  That is,
I get some repeated keys.

My question:  What's the setting in Xvnc to either slow down the
repeat rate, or to eliminate it altogether?  I tried to use xset,
but it seemed to have no effect.

Thanks for any help, as I'm a VNC newbie.

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