solaris newsgroup list

solaris newsgroup list

Post by k.. » Wed, 17 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I want solaris newsgroup list !!
pleaz, let me know.



1. Q about Solaris x86 specific newsgroup and/or mailing list

Is there a Solaris x86 specific newsgroup?
Or a mailing list specifically for x86?

I'm very new to x86 and have it on an IBM 755CX notebook.

I am having problems configuring a PCMCIA modem with 2.5 x86.
Using a Megahertz XJ2288 in 2nd slot (/dev/cua/pc1 exists).

Would like to run PPP.  Modem dials PPP server but disconnects
with NO CARRIER message immediately after negotiation.  Same
modem (in same PCMCIA slot #1) works fine with OS/2 Warp PPP
to connect with a Sol 2.4 SPARC PPP server at work.

Any guesses or hints?

tip pc1 gives same behavior.  Is there some x86 command similar
to setting the eeprom on a SPARC to 38400,8,n,1,h ???


Stuart Biggar

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