sendmail config broken

sendmail config broken

Post by Timothy J. L » Tue, 24 Nov 1998 04:00:00

|I've seen some cases where the desktop's sendmail daemon became
|unresponsive, so it stopped accepting inbound email, but email delivered
|by the mailserver was of course successful, so the intended recipient had
|didn't notice that only *some* of his email was being delivered, and the
|status of desktop sendmail daemon status is unmonitored by our IT
|Aren't there risks to reliable service due to both (a) imperfect filelocking
|over automounted NFS, and (b) the added complexity of relying on more
|sendmail daemons than is necessary?


A safer course of action would be to:

1.  Make sure that the mail server has an up to date mail transfer and
    local delivery agent, and is doing local delivery to its own disks
    (not over NFS).

2.  Make other computers get a sendmail with a "nullclient" configuration
    (forward all mail to the mail server), and masquerading the From:
    address to appear to be from the mail server.  These sendmails can
    run in queue-only mode (no -bd option), and can be setuid to some
    user other than root (but that user must own the mail queue directory),
    if you are concerned about security.

For some versions of SunOS/Solaris, a Sun patch (the sendmail patch
that is in the latest recommended patch bundle at
will update the sendmail to 8.8.8+Sun with the m4-based configuration
scripts; otherwise, sendmail sources for 8.8 or 8.9 can be gotten from .  Use of the older SMI-8.6 or even older
5.0, 4.1, etc. versions of sendmail from Sun is probably not a good idea.


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1. sendmail-config vs. sendmail RPMS?

I just got the RPMs for sendmail 8.9.2, and figured updating was a good
thing to do, as the updates incorporate better security.  (I haven't gotten
the bugs out of using my Linux box with my ISP yet, but I'm going to take a
whack again once I get my new ISP account set up)/

I'm using RH5.2, which had sendmail 8.8.7 and sendmail-cf 8.8.7 as RPMS.

The new version has RPMs for sendmail, sendmail-cf, and sendmail-config.
According to the query in the RPM for sendmail-config, "This is needed,
eventually there will be multiple configs to choose from."

However, the files it contains  (list follows) conflict with those installed
by sendmail.

Do I stick it all in, using the --force option in rpm?  Do I leave out
sendmail-config?  Why is there a sendmail-config anyway?

Thanks in advance.


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