nologin shell

nologin shell

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I have several qa accounts on a test system using the nologin shell.
Besides your standard su & ftp privilege, I want to allow rcp to other
system/account using the nologin shell.  What's your recommendation on
how to approach this?


1. How to set up an umask for a program running under a nologin shell?

Hi all.

Im running an Audio Galaxy Satellite under FreeBSD 4.4. The user
running the server is a special user created only for this function
(agalaxy) and is in its own group (agalxy too), it has no login shell
(/sbin/nologin) and has no password (*).
The server binary is SUID for the agalxy user. Some users on the
system has an account with agalaxy group permissions and I want this
users to have permissions in the agalxy generated files (i.e, the
files must have rw group permissions).
When the AGSatellite (the binary) is running and start to download
musics, the files are created with 700 permissions.
How can I set up an umask of 006 for all the files created by the
AGSattelite server? Is that possible?

10x a lot,


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