What's the solaris equivalent of tset?

What's the solaris equivalent of tset?

Post by Patrick Nol » Tue, 07 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I'm one of those old fogies who's just now converting to Solaris 2.
In my SunOS days, I used to put this in my .login file:
    eval `tset -s -r -Q -m :$TERM`
Now that causes trouble, and I haven't figured out the proper replacement.
If I just leave it as is, it can't recognize the terminal type dtterm.
According to the man page, tset is part of the BSD compatibility package,
so it must be looking at TERMCAP instead of TERMINFO.

Anyway, I just commented out the tset line, and the problem of the unknown
terminal type is solved.  But a new problem is created.  When I rlogin,
it no longer knows the correct number of rows and columns.  I have to do
 setenv LINES 35
by hand.  Is there a cure for this?
 Patrick Nolan        


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1. The "tset" command has an "-m" option which accepts a Port-ID.
   What are these Port-IDs and where they are defined in Solaris 2.4?

2. On Solaris 2.4 we're running the system console from a serial port a
   (no graphics excellerator). The root shell is 'sh'. The login prompt
   is "[nodename] console login:". When root logins, at ENTRY to
   /etc/profile TERM is set to 'sun'.

   We looked at the serial ports definition (through admintool).
   The login prompt from port a should be 'ttya login:', and TERM should
   be set to 'tvi925'. None of these occurs.

   Also we cannot find out the Port-ID of port a for tset. 'ttya', 'a',
   'console' and other variations didn't work.

   Any ideas?



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