MEDIA: Why It Makes Sense for Sun to Open-Source Java Libraries & Solaris Kernel

MEDIA: Why It Makes Sense for Sun to Open-Source Java Libraries & Solaris Kernel

Post by John D Groenve » Thu, 10 Jun 2004 02:29:56

| Releasing a fork of the Solaris Unix Kernel makes even more sense when
| you consider Sun's move towards commodity based hardware, like AMD's
| opteron, and enterprise desktop systems. Sun is going to need drivers
| to interoperate with x86 hardware and common peripherals. In
| comparison to Linux, the range and quality of hardware drivers
| available to Solaris is pitiful.

The author appears to believe Sun is a software company. That's Sun's bug.

The author has provided no basis for his disparaging comments on the
quality of existing Solaris drivers. That's the author's bug.



1. MEDIA: Q&A: Sun's John Loiacono on open-source Solaris

| The reason we're doing this on the whole is because we're trying to
| create relevance in the fact that there's more people finding Solaris
| and being more able to use and modify and actually develop on top of
| Solaris. And that isn't just about the [people] that we sell to. It's
| about creating the community of tens of thousands or hundreds of
| thousands of people who actually want to then go innovate on top of
| the code we give them access to.


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