Sparc10 Won't power-on after shutting down through power button

Sparc10 Won't power-on after shutting down through power button

Post by Chuck Nelso » Sun, 20 Aug 2000 04:00:00

OK, the title says it all. I am running Solaris 8 and I did a system
shutdown (power off) using the power key, rather than just going to standby
or using the power switch. Now the power supply will not come on unless I
remove the CPU card. I guess it could be the power supply, but I think doing
the soft power-off freaked out my unit which has a Ross processor. Anybody
seen anything like this?? Is there someway to force a NVRAM clear via a
jumper or something??

Your help is appreciated!!!!


1. Preventing users from shutting down the system by pressing the Soft-Power-Button


OS: SunOS 5.8
Platform: ultra sparc 5

how can I prevent the system from going down when someone is pressing the
soft-power-button at the front of the machine?
Before I reinstalled the system this feature was enabled, and nothing
happend when pressing that button.
Can anybody help me with that?



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