Xlib: unexpected async reply recieved

Xlib: unexpected async reply recieved

Post by Brent Burkholde » Thu, 09 Apr 1998 04:00:00

> I am using the Plkugin-SDK to develop a plugin. An error
> message I am getting when making a call to NPN_GetURL comes
> up in a stdout/stderr popup window with the folowing text:

>         "Xlib: unexpected async reply recieved"

> I am developing on SunOS Release 5.5 Version Generic_103093-14
> [UNIX(R) System V Release 4.0], which uses OSF Motif widget set.

> Researching this problem, I've found
>     http://www.landfield.com/faqs/x-faq/part7/section-15.html
> which states that "...The versions of Motif from OSF, for example,
> offer no support for multi-threading."

> Has anyone experienced this?  If so, is there a solution or
> work around to this problem?

Yes to both.  Frankly, one would expect much better handling of
this issue from the Unix community since Unix is supposed to be
the "robust" and "powerful" OS, as compared to Microsoft (which
doesn't have a problem with it.)  The answer:  multiple threads
can't generate XEvents if you expect it to work.  If you leave
a main thread running to handle the GUI, and one or more threads
can update the window, etc then you have multiple paths.

Some things to try to get rid of it:
1)  Get rid of the main loop.  Do message processing inside the
subthread.  This seems to get rid of most of em...


2)  Have the subthreads pass ClientMessages to the main thread,
which can then generate the appropriate events for the subthreads.
It's messy, but worked in one situation I had.


1. "Xlib: unexpected async reply" error.

Since we install patch (HP9000) to upgrade to Motif 1.2.2, this error occur
very often with my Motif applacation.

Do I need another patch??



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