finding detailed descrip of exact Solaris boot up order

finding detailed descrip of exact Solaris boot up order

Post by Andrew Gabri » Thu, 10 Jun 1999 04:00:00


>I have been having some problems with /usr not mounting upon boot (the
>initial phase where it mounts it read-only) and in trying to
>fix/research that, I found I could no longer find any detailed
>documentation on the boot order.  The man pages for boot start out
>with some good solid info on sparc and x68 boot process but after
>talking about /sbin/init  that pages drop sparc and go on with some
>very good and detailed boot sequence and command info on the x86
>platform.  The few files from that section I looked for on my Sparc
>were not present, so they are different enough that the info is not

>Does anyone know where, in an infodoc or in the answerbooks (or
>another man page I missed) I can get this info.  What I am currently

Have a look at /etc/rcS.d/README, /etc/rcS, and /etc/rcS.d

Andrew Gabriel
Consultant Software Engineer


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