Help for porting Solaris 2.4/x86 OpenWindows

Help for porting Solaris 2.4/x86 OpenWindows

Post by Yea-Yun Yang GE2 » Sat, 31 Dec 1994 09:52:31

I am working about porting Solaris 2.4/x86 Openwindows to our graphics
card. We had recieved the Solaris 2.4 DDK release version at Sep. For now,
we try to make a library for sample source about VGA4. The makefile at DDK
will make libddxSUNWvga4.a, but from /usr/openwin/server/modules, it needs for dynamic link. So we had referenced Solaris 2.3/SPARC
DDK to update the makefile. This is the message when we make:

cc -c -g -DSYSV -DSVR4 -I. -I../../../../../.././server/ddx/solaris -I../../vesa -I../../../../../.././server/ddx/mfb  -I../../../../../../. -I../../../../../.././server/ddx/mi   -I../../../../../.././server/ddx/cfb -I../../../../../.././server/include  -I../../../../../.././X11 -I../../../../../.././../../../lib/libfont/include  -I../../../../../.././extensions/server  -I/usr/openwin/include/X11/extensions  -I/usr/openwin/include  -DSVR4 -DSYSV -DXDMCP -DSUNSOFT -DSUNSOFT_BUYBACK -DSHAPE -DMULT

"../../../../../.././X11/Xmd.h", line 67: warning: comment is replaced by "##"
"/usr/include/sys/kd.h", line 1005: warning: macro redefined: IO_ADDR_SEL
"../../../../../.././server/ddx/cfb/cfbmap.h", line 54: warning: comment is replaced by "##"
"../../../../../.././server/ddx/cfb/cfbmap.h", line 67: warning: comment is replaced by "##"

rm -f
ld -o ./ -G -z text -h vga4scrinit.o vga4io.o vga4cmap.o vga4gc.o vga4bstore.o  vga4fillsp.o vga4fillsp32.o vga4getsp.o vga4setsp.o vga4pix.o  vga4polypnt.o  vga4line.o vga4seg.o vga4hrzvert.o vga4bres.o vga4bresd.o  vga4fillrct.o vga4solid.o vga4tsrct.o  vga4bitblt.o vga4bltC.o vga4bltG.o vga4cppl.o vga4image.o  vga4window.o pansprite.o vga4pan.o vga4static.o  vga4igblt.o vga4glblt.o  vga4data.o
Text relocation remains                       referenced
    against symbol                  offset      in file
cfb4GCPrivateIndex                  0xc         vga4seg.o
vga4VertS                           0x1cc       vga4seg.o
vga4HorzS                           0x314       vga4seg.o
vga4BresSC                          0x55c       vga4seg.o
vga4BresS                           0x59f       vga4seg.o
mfbClipLine                         0x68c       vga4seg.o
vga4BresSC                          0x863       vga4seg.o
vga4BresS                           0x8ad       vga4seg.o
cfb4GCPrivateIndex                  0x903       vga4seg.o
miStepDash                          0x9cc       vga4seg.o
vga4BresD                           0xcd4       vga4seg.o
mfbClipLine                         0xdbe       vga4seg.o
miStepDash                          0xe77       vga4seg.o
vga4BresD                           0x1054      vga4seg.o
ld: fatal: relocations remain against allocatable but non-writable sections
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `'

        Did our process is correct ? May anybody give us some help to make a
library for tracing? Thanks in advance!!



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