Compaq notebook problems w/Solaris 2.6

Compaq notebook problems w/Solaris 2.6

Post by Ron Gom » Mon, 07 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I've installed Solaris 2.6 w/Driver Update 3 on a Compaq LTE 5300
notebook in a docking station.  It works (sort of), even though the
5300 is not in the list of supported notebooks.  But a couple of
serious problems remain.  A search of DejaNews shows that others also
saw these problems (two years ago) but there's no report of a

The docking station has a built-in network interface compatible with
the NE2000 (or possibly NE2000+).  Solaris doesn't recognize it when it
boots.  The installation procedure does discover a "PnP BIOS Ethernet
controller" with the right IRQ and I/O port, but no driver is installed
and nothing is done with it.

If I use the Configuration Assistant at boot time to delete this "PnP
BIOS Ethernet controller" and then scan specifically for a Novell
NE2000, the interface is indeed discovered, and when the system comes
up the driver is configured and all is well.  But it doesn't stick: the
information is lost at the next reboot.  I have to manually interrupt
the boot sequence each time, and explicitly add an NE2000 to the device
list, in order to enable the network.

One suggestion was to disable plug-and-play on this interface.  I would
try this if I knew how: I have no software disk relating to this
station, and nothing on the Compaq web site seems relevant to
reconfiguring (as opposed to just reporting) the state of the network
on the docking station.

It was also suggested that I explicitly configure the device location
(IRQ and I/O port) in /kernel/drv/nei.conf.  This is also something I
would try, but I can't find anything that documents the format of
nei.conf: nothing in driver.conf(4) nor nei(7D) is helpful in this

I'd appreciate any tips on solving this problem.

The other problem is more serious but more easily described: the
console terminal driver doesn't work.  It writes nothing to the
screen.  The keyboard works but you're typing blind; until you get a
window manager started you can't tell what's going on.  You can get
around this by using one of the serial ports as a console, but for
ordinary use this is impractical.

I doubt there's a quick fix for this (it was reported by others years
ago, and this is not a new laptop) but suggestions would still be


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