solaris 7 network connection pb

solaris 7 network connection pb

Post by francis.ber.. » Wed, 27 Aug 2003 20:04:36


I have a solaris box ( sun 450 under solaris 7 ) which behaves quite strangely
with the network. From time to time, this box does not answer to the ping command.
But this box is mainly an oracle server and oracle connections work always.
I check the network parameters and all seem to be correct, and as far as i can see
i do not see any further investigations i can make.

Any ideas ???

Thanks in advance



1. network connection pb

I'm writing a Linux application that attach a
device to a network. The user gives its fix IP
address, netmask and gataway and the application
is supposed to connect the device to the network.
I've done it this way (some of the functions I
use are internal, but their name describe what
they do):

// loopback device
setifaddr("lo", "");
setifflags("lo", IFF_UP | IFF_RUNNING |
addroute("lo", RTF_UP,
         "" ,
         "" ,
         0 /* gateway */);

// resetting flags
setifflags("eth0", 0);

// ethernet address
setifhwaddr("eth0", ethernet_address);

// ip addresses
setifaddr("eth0", ipaddr);
setifnetmask("eth0", netmask);

// interface up
setifflags("eth0", IFF_UP | IFF_RUNNING);

// adding routes
addroute("eth0", RTF_UP,
        getdest(ipaddr, netmask), /* ipaddr &
netmask */

addroute(device, RTF_UP,

I can ping the machines on my network, but can't
get out. What is going wrong ???

Please help

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