CDE & MOUSE: *must* disable "pasting" via-mouse (GD MFing ShEing MOUSE!)

CDE & MOUSE: *must* disable "pasting" via-mouse (GD MFing ShEing MOUSE!)

Post by David Com » Mon, 26 Apr 2004 14:27:37

This GD mouse is driving me crazy, even causing disasters.

I do the internet via a shell-acct, connetcted to via
a dtterm and kermit.

I often use the mouse to "blacken" some text from the
internet, hit the "copy" key, hit the "front" key to get
emacs in front of me, and then either "y" (or hit the
"paste" key), thus inserting that grabbed-text into
an emacs buffer.

Wonderful -- works fine.

Except if my fingers slip on the mouse (which I am usually
*not* holding) and instead of doing a "copy", it somehow
ends doing some horrendously-long "paste" of who knows
what --

and usually at that point  I'm in either mutt, reading mail,
deleting spam, etc, or in trn browsing newsgroups --

and all that inserted garbage invariably contains plenty
of things that look like commands to that program,
and the screen shows trn or mutt just doing all kind
of horrible things -- in mutt, it's unrecoverable (with
trn, you can go back to the prior .newsrc, doing which
has its own set of problems.)

Anyway, this happens way too often (well, once is too
often), and the only fix I can think of is to disable
the ability to "paste" via a mouse-click (leaving me
the paste-key for that).

There seems to be a jillion of these .dt* files that
let you change one thing or another.

Is there a way to disable the paste-part of the mouse's

(I sure hope so!)

Thank you!



1. mouse -> /dev/mouse "device or resource busy"

        When you installed the newer Linux version you probably said yes
to the option which allows cutting and pasting with the mouse in virtual consoles.
The result of this is that the mouse gets assigned to the process running this
feature and ties up the mouse.  Look in your /etc/rc.d/rc.local file for a line
that look something like : 'selection -t ps2 &'
        Comment out this line and reboot your Linux system. That's all folks...

                                        --- Gregory Gauthier

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