ODBC SQL Server driver for Solaris

ODBC SQL Server driver for Solaris

Post by Alexe » Mon, 24 Jul 2000 04:00:00


I want to setup a webserver (Apache on Solaris 8 Intel/x86) which will be
connected to our (internal) database server (SQL Server 7 on Windows 2000).

Where can I find ODBC drivers for Solaris<>SQL Server?
Or, is there any other solution.

(Please don't make any suggestions with MySQL... its a good db-solution, but
it doesn't meet our requirements, scince we have to run a powerful db-server
on the LAN for our internal tasks and needs, the web-interface will be
secondary... just for information)

Thank  you in advance.



1. ODBC driver / SQL Server DB-Lib for Solaris x86

Is there any ODBC driver for MS SQL Server *on* Solaris x86?

Is there a Solaris x86 version of SQL Server DB-Library?

Please note that I'm interested in Solaris x86 and *not* Sun (Sparc)

I'll appreciate any pointer/help. My apologies if the questions have
been asked before as I'm not following closely netnews.

Thank you again,

-- Thuc

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