NIS+ under NIS(YP) Rootmaster or just Master

NIS+ under NIS(YP) Rootmaster or just Master

Post by Guy Jon » Fri, 02 Jun 1995 04:00:00

If I set up a subdomain using NIS+ under a NIS(YP) domain is the NIS+
server a rootmaster server (because there are no NIS+ domains above it)
or is it simply a master server ?

eg. is a NIS+ server serving the subdomain is the NIS(YP) server for the domain

This is not an academic question, I really gotta do this.  Do I use
nisserver -M or Nisserver -R to set up my master?  I'm not in a position
to use trial & error.  I can find nothing in TFM or TF AnswerBook.


1. Would NIS+ master work with NIS+ & NIS Slave?????????

If anyone have try this combination please let me know if it work..

Here is my Question.  Again would it work if I have this combination:

One machine is NIS+ master server and the other is run NIS+ & NIS compatible mode as a slave for
NIS+ master server domain.

Any sugguestion will be appreciate

Thanks in advance

Yoom Nguyen


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