New Whitepaper: Sun Cluster 3.0 Cluster File System

New Whitepaper: Sun Cluster 3.0 Cluster File System

Post by Drew Wre » Fri, 10 Aug 2001 00:05:50

This whitepaper available on explains how the
global file service (a term used interchangeably with the
cluster file system, CFS) can be used in the implementation,
configuration, ongoing system management, and capacity
planning of a Sun Cluster 3.0 system.

Read this document at the following location:

Other whitepapers are also available from Sun about Open Net
Environment, Solaris Operating Environment, Accessibility,
Development Tools, GNOME, Imaging & Graphics, Java
Technology, Network Management, Networking, Security, Sun
Cluster Software, and XML at the following location:


1. Sun Cluster 3.0 vs Veritas Cluster Server

I will soon begin a cycle of tests to compare the cluster products
running on Solaris/Sunfire and I am looking for **not commercial or
vendor whitepaper** informations about SC3.0 and/or VCS.

If you are using one of those products (or both ;-)) for your
business, what do you think about their reliability, their plus or
minus, etc... ?

I'll be very interesting in all advices about them.

Jean-Charles Leynadier,
Production Engineer,
CDC-Ixis Capital Markets IT Department.

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