X Session intercepting

X Session intercepting

Post by Drew » Fri, 27 Sep 2002 02:52:56

I have a question regarding something I've seen before, but
I can't seem to find the details just now.  I seem to remember
that there is a Solaris tool that will intercept and redisplay
an other users X session.  Does anyone know what I'm refering



1. xcdroast: multi session - sessions do not match


xcdroast has a multisession support in its newest version 0.98.alpha10!

But when I want to add a session to a multisession CD-ROM that has sessions
created under MS Windows it doesn't work. An error message says:

"You are trying to add a session to a multi session CD, where the current
sessions do not match. This can result in an unreadable CD."

Why is that? Sessions should be compatible, no matter if they are created
under Linux or Windows, right? Among different Windows Burning Apps, there
is no such problem. I don't want to separate my CDs concerning if they have
Windows- od Linux-Sessions.

Does cdrecord have the same problem?

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