extra scsii harddisk on Sun Sparc -solaris2.7

extra scsii harddisk on Sun Sparc -solaris2.7

Post by Cykelsmeden fra Aalbor » Sun, 23 Jul 2000 04:00:00

A year ago I had to pay 3.000+ $ to have a 9gb scsidisk installed.
It took about 1 hour.

Now I need more space, and I can buy 30-gb IBM scsii discs for 'a bit' less.

what should I know to install it myself?

(I used to SCSII - several OS, unfortenately not unix/solaris



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I recently aquired two Sun Netra i SPARCstation 5 machines running Solaris
2.5. To increase the capabilities of the machines I put all the hardware in
one machine.

I'm unable to figure out however how to access the second harddisk. Only the
first disk is accessible through /dev/dsk

c0t3d0s0  c0t3d0s2  c0t3d0s4  c0t3d0s6  c0t6d0s0  c0t6d0s2  c0t6d0s4
c0t3d0s1  c0t3d0s3  c0t3d0s5  c0t3d0s7  c0t6d0s1  c0t6d0s3  c0t6d0s5

Do you have something like mkdev on Solaris?


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