Sun Ray Server and Sun Ray 150 question

Sun Ray Server and Sun Ray 150 question

Post by Dellyli » Thu, 22 Apr 2004 02:55:32

Can anyone help with this question.

I have a Sun Ray server with about a dozen Sun Ray 150's attached.
I'm trying to boot the Sun Rays on the Sun Ray server, but instead of the
default CDE login/session, I want the Sun Rays to open a KDE login session
from A Linux server.

I can use the Chooser button to select another Xserver, but I want it to
default to the Linux servers Xserver for a KDE session.

does anyone know how I might go about this? or anyother methods I might try.
I need to use the Sun Ray 150's though.

Regards to all


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Hi guys,

I have got a couple of sun ray 150 thin clients.

Specs: Adjustable 15" LCD screen, Inbuilt speakers, Microphone,
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Is anyone interested for $100 each?

James (perth, WA)

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