Simple Solaris DLPI question?

1. Simple DLPI question.... maybe.


        I am attempting to write a routine that will fetch the ethernet (MAC)
        address from any ethernet interfaces mounted on a system (supporting
        DLPI). No, I don't want to use ether_hostton().

        A point of confusion for me was first trying to determine what
        interfaces exist on the system. I found that using ioctl(SIOCGIFCONF)
        will do the trick. However, now I am trying to figure out to
        access the (each) interface using DLPI.

        Because I am trying to access 'style 2' provider, I need to to acquire
        the PPA (Physical Point of Attachment). I am having difficulty
        trying to associate the interface w/ a PPA. The man page for 'le' on
        Solaris says:

             An explicit DL_ATTACH_REQ message by  the  user
             is required to associate the opened stream with a particular
             device (ppa).  The ppa ID is interpreted as an unsigned long
             and  indicates  the  corresponding  device  instance  (unit)

        Is the "unit" number the same as stat.st_rdev? That is, if I stat()
        the device file, will 'st_rdev' contain the appropriate value?

        Once I have this, it is a simple matter of performing a BIND and
        PHYS_ADDR_REQ to fetch the address (I hope).

Any help would be appreciated,

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