Skipping Mouse in OpenWindows

Skipping Mouse in OpenWindows

Post by Chri » Sun, 13 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I am trying to get a 3 button serial mouse to work properly in
OpenWindows. I am running Solaris 2.4 and when I use OpenWindows the
mouse pointer skips around the screen. Is there a way to properly
configure the com1 port. In Linux there is a 'setserial' command. What
about SunOs?
Chris Zukowski
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I'm new to up2date and I have noticed some behavior I'm trying to understand.
When I for example do a up2date -d glibc. It downloads the glibc as well
teh glibc-common but not the corresponding glibc-devel. glibc is not
in my skip list . ALso, teh glibc-devel version installed is older than
the one on RHN. Can someone tell me why this happens.

ALso, How can I ask up2date to update only a certain package group,
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