question about SNM

question about SNM

Post by ldw » Tue, 29 Apr 1997 04:00:00

i want to manage unix system by Sun Net Manager.
To do this, i knew Unix system is required snmp agent.
but At Sun Net Manager, i make sun system icon and click right mouse
button on that icon.
i saw "hostperf" item. and when i select that, i acquire some info. that
The sun(solaris2.5) system have not snmp agent(I guess).
I want to know what "hostperf" is , and how that work and how i
understand(interpret) that info.

below is sample info. acquired by "hostperf".
D "" 100107 861174588 396426 861174592
861174592 5540489 0 0 TST1 data ""  cpu% G 36 cswitch C 34101926 intr C
72868737 avenrun_1 F 1.26171875 avenrun_5 F 1.5859375 avenrun_15 F
2.15625 disk C 633589 uptime T 5540489 boottime U 861119158 curtime U
861174562 cpubusy C 8013100 pgin C 1000495 pgout C 331752 pswpin C 0
pswpout C 0 ipkts C 1654402 ierrs C 2 opkts C 1149470 oerrs C 627 colls
C 1201 ocolls% G 0


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