No screen echo from stdin

No screen echo from stdin

Post by Christopher Mosle » Sat, 20 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I had a script that worked on sun 4.1.4. The os was changed to solaris
2.6, it still works but not as well. What happens is a uuencoded image
in tin is piped through a "metamail -c view" filter. This filter looks up
view in .mailcap and uses the view instruction (view: display  %s).
"display is a script that is handed the dir/file name of the uuencoded file
(%s) as its first an only parameter. The file is processed: uudecoded,
downloaded, and then using the apc escape mechanism of kermit, is displayed
on the the local pc, then finally you are returned to tin on the remote.

This display script has an option that allows you to change the
name of the image file: "Do you want to change the name Y/N ? [N] > "
then "What is the new name >". The information is read from stdin
using sh read. The problem is that although it works on solaris, the typed
chars are not echoed to the screen. I changed the display script to a c program
using getc and scanf, but still no screen echo? echos and printfs are
echoed to the screen but stdin is not.

If the script or binary is run directly from a login shell all stdin is
echoed - this was just a test and is not the proper implementation. There was
no problem with the echo on sun 4.1.4. when everything was spawned from
tin. On Solaris the program works and input is read into vars, just no
terminal echo?    


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