cron did not run root jobs (solaris 2.5.1)

cron did not run root jobs (solaris 2.5.1)

Post by Neil Ricke » Mon, 06 Apr 1998 05:00:00

Is there a bug in 'cron'?  I have checked two systems, both running
2.5.1.  Both are Sparc 1000s.  On both systems the root cron jobs
failed to run last night, although cron jobs for other users ran

The cron jobs were scheduled for 3:15 am and 4:05 am, so that they
should not have been lost in the 1-hour gap caused by the change to
daylight savings time.  On the other hand, on both machines the
crontabs directory (the files in it) seem to have been read at 4:13
am.  Is cron recognizing the time change 73 minutes late, and
skipping jobs that were carefully scheduled so that they would not be
missed?  Will it run these jobs twice in the fall to make up?


1. Cron jobs running as something other than root

You can also run an 'at' job, go to /usr/spool/cron/atjobs (or where ever
your system puts such things) and copy your at job script off somewhere.  Be
sure to note the permissions on the file.

Now you have the basis for any command(s) you want to run from cron by
any user.  I often hack such scripts to get database engines to run
reports for me from cron.  But many applications that do not require
operator input will run this way.  Your environment is set in the script
that 'at' created, so most anything is possible.

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