What DLPI-version in x86 Solaris?

What DLPI-version in x86 Solaris?

Post by Ragnvald T. Blindhe » Wed, 23 Feb 1994 20:29:08

I am considering to buy Solaris x86, but before I do
this I need to be sure what DLPI-version that comes
with x86 Solaris 2.1.

Is it correct that the version is DLPI 2?



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1. Solaris 2.5 x86 DLPI & LLC2


Does DLPI on Solaris 2.5 in general, x86 in particular support
LLC2?  I have a need for connection based connectivity for some
work that I'm doing.  man dlpi(7d) doesn't really say much.

I've found dltest and a few other "sample code" of dlpi use, but
pokeing thru them, it doesn't look like they use LLC2.

If dlpi only supports LLC2, does anyone see any reason why I couldn't
put LLC2 "on top"?  I'd like to avoid doing this and concentrate on
my real problem, but if I have too ....

Will dlpi work with any supported lan adapter, or just the ones that
man dlpi shows?

On a related note, can I use gcc with the dlpi interface?

Thanks in advance,

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