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Have someone tested it on other than releases Solaris 8?





Post by Barbie LeVil » Sun, 10 Sep 2000 02:57:51

> Have someone tested it on other than releases Solaris 8?

i had it running on Sol7 sparc, worked without a prob, just throwed it out
again because the systemload was to high for me to run it on my old ss10.

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I've been trying for several hours to set up Sunscreen on my Solaris box
without having ANY success. I have two NIC's elx0 & elxl0. elx0 is connected
to my DSL modem and elxl0 to my internal network. Everything works ok on the
Solaris box with connecting to the internet and so on... but I cannot get my
internal network to connect through it.

I set up Sunscreen as permissive (even tried to allow everything (*) instead
of the default (common) setting just to make sure) I also set ip_forwarding
to 1.

It all seems pretty straightforward and from reading up on the messages in
the newsgroups there are not a lot of questions on the subject, so I'm
thinking I missed some fundamental setting or something, Could anyone point
me in the right direction here..?


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