server reboots automatically

server reboots automatically

Post by Tung Kwong Yeo » Thu, 11 Nov 1993 13:32:49

Machine: SPARCServer 1000
OS: Solaris 2.2

My machine did an auto reboot this morning.  The error message in the
/var/adm/messages is

reboot after panic: memeory address alignment

Any ideas what went wrong?  Thanks in advance.


Tung, Kwong Yeong
Computer Centre
National University of Singapore


server reboots automatically

Post by Brian T. Whi » Fri, 12 Nov 1993 00:05:08

In article 8946, Tung Kwong Yeong writes

Quote:> My machine did an auto reboot this morning.  The error message in the
> /var/adm/messages is

> reboot after panic: memeory address alignment

We got the following message under SunOS 4.1.3:

vmunix: pid 8207, `nfsd': Memory address alignment

which appears to be the same error.  This happened when an IBM on our
network (running AIX) was booting.  It turns out that IBMs have an
undocumented "noacl" option for their NFS mounts.  The IBMs are trying
to use ACLs on the server and the Sun panics when it sees the unknown
RPC call.  To add this option, do something like this in /etc/filesystems
on the IBM:

        dev             = /genome0
        vfs             = nfs
        nodename        = genome
        mount           = false
        type            = remote
        options         = bg,soft,intr,retry=1,nodev,nosuid,noacl
        account         = false                             ^^^^^

This fixed the problem on our systems.  Our Sun servers used to die
regularly with this error, and they never do now.


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