How can i use a canon BJC 4000 printer under Wabi 2.0 ?

How can i use a canon BJC 4000 printer under Wabi 2.0 ?

Post by IXPlus Informatiq » Sat, 08 Apr 1995 04:00:00

We have solaris 2.4 with Wabi 2.0 and we want to use a canon BJC4000
printer under wabi. Actually, when we try to configure the driver canon or
when we want to print, we have the following message:

        Unrecoverable Error in Application
        Application Error
        Exception D while running write at CC7:431D
        In SID2LIW:A


We think of the problem comes from the driver canon. If someone has a solution
for this problem, please send me a mail.

Thank you in advance



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