Problems with tape archives

Problems with tape archives

Post by Manuel Jesus Roman Alpist » Thu, 13 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I've got some problems by reading some tape archives. How can I know the
blocksize of a tape archive packed with tar?... I can copy this tapes
without the blocksize.

I'm new at solaris environment. I'm waiting for your help.

Thanks a lot



1. Formatting tapes with an Archive 5945 tape drive

I have an Archive 5945 (QIC-24) tape drive with an Emulex MT-02
controller hooked up to my Seagate ST-01 SCSI host adapter in my PC.
(Not very modern equipment huh? ;-)

I'd like to format some QIC-24 tapes so I can make some backups
under Linux. But, AFAIK, noone has created anything that will format
tapes under Linux.

Does anyone know of any DOS software that will do the format with my
equipment??? Where can I get it???




6 Munroe Drive
Plainville, MA  02762-1107

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