yppasswd problem

yppasswd problem

Post by Janet B. Leu » Wed, 17 Jul 1996 04:00:00

We run into a problem with changing users' password on a script.  What the
script does is as follows:
1. check for user id in /etc/yp/passwd
2. remove the password entry (since we don't know the users' passwords)
3. do a make
4. do the yppasswd

What happens is some of the users' names are being replaced by their user
ID numbers instead of their userIDs.  Does anybody know how to resolve
this conflict?  Or how to change yppasswd in a script?

Janet Leung                            


1. rpc.yppasswd problem

On my server (a SunOs 4.1.4 machine) it is running

rpc.yppasswdd /etc/passwd -m passwd

If I try to change a password or add a new
user I get the following error:

RPC: timed out
yppasswd couldn't change entry (RPC call failed)

If I do

rpcinfo -p

yppasswdd shows up

If I do

rpcinfo -u servername yppasswd

I get

rpcinfo: RPC timed out
progam 100009 version 0 is not available.

I have killed and restarted the daemon, and
passwd seems to work great. Other RPC services
(e.g. NFS) appear to be running fine (rpcinfo
returns ready and waiting).

Any ideas, suggestions, or ideas would be greatly

thanks in advance -

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