Solaris7 intel ports

Solaris7 intel ports

Post by Ted Sikor » Wed, 14 Apr 1999 04:00:00

For newbies, non-programmers, and the just plain lazy(like me)..
        I just built a few more Solaris7 intel i86pc ports.
Unfortunatly they are just tars ie; unzip to /  made for
/usr/local. As soon as I am able I will make them available
for pkgadd. Here's an abbreviated list:


go to:

Ted Sikora


1. Need Help Configuring NIC on Solaris7 for Intel

I've been using Solaris7 in a stand-alone configuration on my PC for the
last couple of months, but now would like to
configure the NIC so I can migrate completely to UNIX.

I have been reading some of the NIC configuration sheets for connecting
to DHCP (yanick, stokely, and rite) and have
run into the following:

    1.  Win 95/98 indicates I have an  AMD PCNET  nic.
            A.  says that it is an Allied Telesyn AT-1500
            B. Re-ran Configuration Assistant and selected Specific
                1) AMD PCnet-ISA 79C960/PC-net-32
                2) PCI - AMD79C970 PC Ethernet.

    2.  Following the configuration sheets:
            A.  Set up following files in /etc directory:
                    1)  dhcp.amd0
                    2)  hostname.amd0
                    3)  defaultrouter
                    4)  notrouter
                    5)  resolv.conf
                    6)  default/dhcp
                  I'm assuming that the interface name is amd0

            B.  Did not have the hostname to put into /etc/default/dhcp
file, so copied a script from Riley into
                    1)  #!/sbin/sh
                         HOSTNAME=`cat /etc/nodename`
                         echo "Setting hostname to $HOSTNAME...   \c"
                         uname -S $HOSTNAME
                         echo "Done"
                    2) Tried to set up a symbolic link in root and
system responded with:
                            /etc/init.d/set_hostname: cannot execute

    3.    During system re-boot, noted the following:
                A.  DHCP starting on primary interface amd0
                B.  ifconfig: no such interface such as amd0

    4.   Can't get the web browser to connect ot any web site.
Indicated "host unknown".

What have I done wrong and/or what should I do next?

Any assistance would be greatly appreicated!

regards -- mlcole

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