Question: Xbiff++ for Solaris2.3?

Question: Xbiff++ for Solaris2.3?

Post by s.. » Thu, 17 Mar 1994 07:32:35

        Has xbiff++ been ported to Solaris2.3 (for Sparc10/OpenWin) yet?
When I tried to make the program, the first set of error messages went
away when I added /usr/openwin/demo/SOUND/include/multimedia to the include
path in the Makefile, but another set of errors cropped up (e.g., references
to a symbol AUDIOSETQSIZE) which I've not been able to find a fix for.
        Pointers to a Solaris2.3 version of xbiff++ or, better, to the files
which define the missing symbols, would be appreciated (email or post).
                                Thank you,
                                        Shawn Ewald


1. xbiff++ from 4.1 to Solaris2.3

: I'm in need of xbiff sounds!

: Since moving my local machine over to Solaris 2.3, I can no longer run
: xbiff++ remotely with display set to my Solaris2.3 machine.  I assume
: this is because the audio device is handled differently on Solaris2.x
: and xbiff++ just doesn't understand this.

: The most current version of xbiff++ I've found is 1.10.  Anything
: newer?  Is there another program that will satisfy my desire to bother
: my office mates with sounds?

: I haven't tried compiling xbiff++ on solaris2.x yet, but it doesn't
: look like the support is in the code anyway.

: Here's the symptoms...  I run remotely on the 4.1 machine, my mailbox
: appears on the Solaris2.3 machine and all is well till the call for a
: sound is to be played when mail arrives.  The message that prints
: forever is

:       [...]
:       draining audio device: Inappropriate ioctl for device
:       draining audio device: Inappropriate ioctl for device
:       [...]

I have full installation of Solaris2.3
and I have this program:

Matus Uhlar,
Computer Centre of Technical University in Kosice, Slovakia

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