Do I need SDK and Workshop for C++?

Do I need SDK and Workshop for C++?

Post by Laurence Lindstr » Tue, 08 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hi Again Experts:

   I have two copies of the Solaris "Developer Pack" promotion (for 2.4
and 2.5).  

   This promo had the desktop OS, the SDK and the visual Workshop for
C++.  I've upgraded to 2.5.1 Server "Get current/stay current" promo,
and am now looking at V3.0 of the Visual Workshop.  The server didn't
come with the SDK, but I remember that the CDE package had an option
for installing a development package for it.  

   Anyway, I do C, C++ and Motif development.  Do I need to get the
SDK when I get the Workshop for C++?