pg problem...

pg problem...

Post by ian jord » Sun, 09 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I using X-windows yesterday when I had this error when I used pg or man (which
I guess uses pg for display formating
pg:cannot reopen stdout
This occured during a rlogin session.Can anybody offer an explanation?
Thanks for the time,
Best wishes,
Ian Jordan

Cheshire UK


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I'm somewhat familiar with *NIX as a user but not as an admin. I have
RedHat 5.0 installed on an ancient 486 -- and in the initial install,
postgreSQL (v6.1) was also installed.

Now I wanted to do some playing around with Perl database programming,
so I installed the DBI library fine (or at least I think I did) and
then when I tried to install DBD::pg (ver 0.3 -- for compatability with
the postgreSQL 6.1) I get a "$POSTGRESHOME not defined."

What should I do here? Any hints? If this is the wrong forum, forgive
the post, and please direct me to the appropriate forum.

kevin alexander

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