nis+ add user problem

nis+ add user problem

Post by georg » Fri, 26 Sep 2003 03:01:58

I am using solstice ->  User manager  to try to add a user to nis+
The home directories are on the same server as Solstice is running on,
called nis1.
If I tick the little box to ask it to create the home directory, I get the
following error when I click the apply button

The operation failed with this status:
add user method failed: Admin daemon is either not running on host nis1
under rpc no. 100123 vers 10 or host nis1 is not known to host nis1.

If , on the other hand I dont click the "create home directory" box but keep
the fields specifying  the server name and path  wtih the same information
ie server name nis1 , path /export/home/username, the user is added
successfully with the warning " home directory does not exist ".

What kind of nonsense is this ?


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 I've just installed NIS on my Sun machine (Solaris 8), we thought it was a
great idea to have for all our UNIX machine. But all by a suddenly it struck
me, How do I actually add a user or a group?
As I see it would be rather tedious to always do 'ypinit -m' on the server
with new input files for groups passwd etc. and then 'yppush'.

Is there a way to deal with it, so that I simply say 'useradd ...' or
'groupadd ...' or another tool, and then the tool or NIS sees to that it is
up to date with what is the absolutely latest information ?


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