NIS server on Solaris 2.1?

NIS server on Solaris 2.1?

Post by Mike Matthe » Thu, 01 Jul 1993 06:04:29

Is it possible to make a Solaris 2.1 machine (Sparc LX) an NIS *server*?  It
doesn't seem to have ypserv in the filesystem.

I don't want NIS+.  I really want NetInfo.  But Solaris don't do NetInfo.

If I have to I'll resort to rcp'ing flat files.

[This is to keep a NeXT cube and the LX in sync with userid and mail alias
information; neither will be tied in to the rest of our internal network and
I need some way to keep them in sync; I don't want to do a flatfile hack
because that would be icky.  I'm quite surprised that Sun's dumping NIS so
quickly, assuming this isn't another patch item.]

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NIS server on Solaris 2.1?

Post by Bruce Orcha » Fri, 09 Jul 1993 20:51:29

Quoting from Sun flash 54.33:

- Solaris 2 Network Transition Kit

In addition, SunSoft will make a Solaris 2 network transition kit
available to customers, allowing them to run the industry-standard
Solaris 1 NIS network server software on the new Solaris 2
environment.  This will enable corporations to maintain their current
network configuration and administrative policies while they transition
to the more powerful Solaris 2 NIS+ networking software. NIS+ uses a
hierarchical naming model for efficient distributed network
administration, lowering the cost of ownership. It maintains a database
of the numerous resources across a network, allowing users to
transparently access and share data. NIS+ is also scalable and runs on
a range of networks, from single LANs to enterprise-wide networks with
thousands of nodes.

The Solaris 2 network transition kit, which includes the NIS software
and media, is priced at $125 for a site license. The kit will be
available to SunSoft OEMs in 60 days.