Does anyone use g++ for Solaris2.4 X86?

Does anyone use g++ for Solaris2.4 X86?

Post by Keith K » Fri, 21 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Is it just me using g++ to compile C++ program on Solaris2.4 X86? No one
seems to know how I can configure g++ so that I can use -g
(debugging flag) for g++ to obtain a debuggable program.

I appreciate if anyone can be of any assistance.



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Related question:  what is the appropriate mail file locking for
Solaris2.1?  I've seen various claims from various people on the net,
some stating that Solaris2.1 supports only lockf, others stating that
sendmail, at least, uses (honors?) a variety of locking methods.  Could
anyone summarize the locking done by (1) Sun utilities like sendmail,
mailx, (2) other email packages such as pine, elm, etc., and (3) hence
the appropriate locking for inc?
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