jumbo lp patch breaks lp ???

jumbo lp patch breaks lp ???

Post by John F. Det » Sun, 19 Feb 1995 05:48:17

After applying the jumbo lp patch, my pr seems to be broken. Certain
combinations of -p, -J -T and < results in the following:

UX:lpr: ERROR: There is no filter to convert the file content.
       TO FIX: Use the lpstat -p -l command to find a
               printer that can handle the file type
               directly, or consult with your system

I consulted with myself and my partner in crime and decided this was a weird
bug. Before I back out the lp patch, is there anyone else tyring to print mail
from rmail that has made this work?


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1. LP doesn't work after lp jumbo patch

Anyone having similar problems?

We have HP's hpnp (jetAdmin) software installed on a SparcServer 1000
(running Solaris 2.3) and up until a week ago we had no problems
whatsoever.  Then we decided to apply the latest recommended 2.3
patches.  Included in that was the 101317-10: SunOS 5.3: lp jumbo patch

I've noticed (as did our users) that now printing to the HP LaserJet
4siMX's doesn't work very reliably...even if a job does print OK, sooner
or later the spooler process won't print any more jobs and I get the
following message:
Warning: hp914 is down: exec exit fault

when a user tries to do an lpq on their job.

Sometimes if I restart the queues, all is well for a few minutes.  This
happens with any postscript file, regardless of size or complexity.

If I try to send the file directly (without the spooler) by using hpnpf
-x (printer) (filename) it works....so this leads me to believe that the
updated spooler is having problems.

I've upgraded the JetAdmin package to the latest C.2.16 and have been
enjoying the finger pointing between Sun and HP wrt whose fault it is.

Anyone have any suggestions on this?


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