OW login hangs

OW login hangs

Post by Beth Rusn » Wed, 23 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Beginning Friday, for no apparent reason, users cannot log into most
of our machines via the dtlogin screen and trying to run the OpenWindows
Desktop (CDE works).  You'll get the screen that says Starting the OpenWindows
Desktop and then it just hangs.  However, one can login via the Command Line
option and then type openwin and it will start up just fine.  Near as I can
figure, there haven't been any changes to the system nor the login scripts.
A reboot fixes the problem.

Any clues?


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1. Help - System "hangs" on exit from OW

I posted this twice before, but I never saw my post appear, so I'll try again
(could some kind soul send me e-mail to confirm that this actually made it?  Thnx.)

If I start a deamon from inside OW3.1 that redirects its output to /dev/console and
then exit OW, my system begins spewing out the same message,

        Popping of Redirection Module not allowed

over and over...<Ctrl-C> sometimes stops the messages, but the shell prompt
never returns.  The only thing I've been able to do at this point is to
halt the system via <Shift-L1-A>.

Has anyone noticed this behaviour?  This couldn't be "normal", right?
Any info is much appreciated,

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