Printer Fault Problem

Printer Fault Problem

Post by Peter Nab » Fri, 22 Jul 1994 16:36:19

I have a dammed Problem.
I have connect my Printer to the Serial Port of a Sun 5. Now, if the
Printer has problems like PAPER Out, OFFLINE etc. the Printer should send
a Message to the Computer.
There these Printer Messages will be send to the LPSCHED. LPSCHED analyse this
messages and Send a mail to the LP Administrator.
This is the order of Events if there are no Problems (maybe).
My System ignores all Errors of the Printer. If the Printer is OFFLINE the
Printer System send all Printdata to the Printer without any Error and the Data
is lost.
Who can help me.

1. Project problem - linux printer portProject problem - linux printer port

Project problem - linux printer port

I am trying to wire a simple video switch to the parallel port of a PC and
have Linux

So far I have made a connector that fools linux into beleiving that it has a
connected, and have sent data to it.

However I dont seem to be able to get the results I expect.

Im using "echo -ne '\361' >/dev/lp0" to output the byte.

I would expect results like this :

28    64    32    16    8    4    2    1     dec        oct

1       1      1      1                         1 = 1 (241)   361
1       1      1      1                  1        = 2 (242)   362
1       1      1      1             1             = 3 (244)   346
1       1      1      1      1                    = 4 (248)   370

What i'm getting is very confusing.........

Does anyone know if    a) the LP device is trying to do CRLF expansion ?
  or b) a simple working utility to output a byte to the data latch on
      parallel port ???

I'm using RedHat 6 on a Pentium.

Any help apreciated, please email me  - thanks

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