8-mm 5G tape drives

8-mm 5G tape drives

Post by j.. » Tue, 19 Jul 1994 23:28:56

Hello Solaris people.  

Under SunOS, with scsi id=4, using a 5G tape drive, I could access the 2G
tapes with /dev/rst0 and the 5G tapes with /dev/rst8.

Under Solaris, ????

I did these set of commands,

# drvconfig ; devlinks ; tapes

and I ended up with .....

# ls /dev/rmt/
0     0bn   0cb   0cn   0hb   0hn   0lb   0ln   0mb   0mn   0u    0ubn
0b    0c    0cbn  0h    0hbn  0l    0lbn  0m    0mbn  0n    0ub   0un

Okay.  Now what?  Looking through the docs, I do not find much.

Thanks for any input!!!!

Jim Hofmann
The Johns Hopkins University - GDB


8-mm 5G tape drives

Post by Casper H.S. D » Sun, 24 Jul 1994 00:33:59

>and I ended up with .....
># ls /dev/rmt/
>0     0bn   0cb   0cn   0hb   0hn   0lb   0ln   0mb   0mn   0u    0ubn
>0b    0c    0cbn  0h    0hbn  0l    0lbn  0m    0mbn  0n    0ub   0un
>Okay.  Now what?  Looking through the docs, I do not find much.

You didn't look hard enough: st(7) says:

     /dev/rmt/[0- 127][l,m,h,u,c][b][n]
                 where  l,m,h,u,c  specifies  the  density  (low,
                 medium,  high, ultra/compressed), b the optional
                 BSD behavior (see mtio(7)), and n  the  optional
                 no  rewind  behavior. For example, /dev/rmt/0lbn
                 specifies unit 0, low density, BSD behavior, and
                 no rewind.

                 For   helical-scan   tape    devices    (Exabyte
                 l                              Standard 2 GB format
                 m                              5 GB format (8500 only)
                 h                              5 GB format (8500 only)
                 c                              data compression (8500 only)


8-mm 5G tape drives

Post by Ruth Miln » Wed, 27 Jul 1994 01:42:56

Quote:>[From man page]:
>                 For   helical-scan   tape    devices    (Exabyte
>                 8200/8500):
>                 l                              Standard 2 GB format
>                 m                              5 GB format (8500 only)
>                 h                              5 GB format (8500 only)
>                 c                              data compression (8500 only)

Actually on our non-compressing 8500, which is using the built-in definitions
and does indeed configure correctly:

  Jul 16 14:42:40 unix: st4: <Exabyte EXB-8500 8mm Helical Scan>

using "h" invariably returns "no tape loaded or device offline". Only l and m
work, and they produce 2.3 and 5GB densities respectively. So it would appear
that the man page doesn't quite match the actual description Sun provides in
the OS.

I verified this by running the program someone posted a while back which
prints out the drive characteristics, and here's what it said for density:

Densities          :20,21,140,140

Note that 140 corresponds to compression, so indeed the description for
"h" in the man page is wrong. It should be "21" to match.
Ruth Milner                          NRAO/VLA                  Socorro NM


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