tmpfs doesn't allow nosuid mounts

tmpfs doesn't allow nosuid mounts

Post by Casper H.S. D » Wed, 02 Mar 1994 23:18:39

In Solaris 2.x, tmpfs mount doesn't accept -o nosuid.

Since the option is interpreted by the vfs layer and not by the
tmpfs this seems like a silly thing to do.

Allowing nosuid requires only a few lines of code in

(Changes in binary form or context-diff (lic. only) are available on request)



1. hekp - root mounted as read-only doesn't allow logins...


I have installed Linux on a read-only partition which is on a Flash device.
The Flash device is not writable as often as a harddisk and therefore
writing must be minimized. All files that must be writable are linked to a
tmpfs which is mounted writable. The problem is that I can't login because
mingetty, agetty or the /bin/login program are trying to change owner and
permissions of /dev/tty0 (for mingetty console login) and /dev/ttyS0 (for
agetty terminal or modem login). Since the /dev directory is read-only this
fails and the error message is:

linux-box login: username
Password: xxxxxx

Unable to change tty /dev/tty1: No such file or directory

Any ideas what I can do to solve this problem?



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