Copmiling w/gcc under Solaris 2.3 (w/lex & yacc)

Copmiling w/gcc under Solaris 2.3 (w/lex & yacc)

Post by Brian Burke x083 » Fri, 24 Dec 1993 08:56:53

I'm trying to compile a program using Solaris 2.3.  I've been developing this
program under 4.1.2 and the makefile has worked fine.  Under solaris, it
seems that alot of the standard function are not being linked, unless I
put all kinds of -l(lib) in my ld command (-lc -lnsl -lintl etc.)  Is this
Also, I have a lex/yacc program which is expecting an extern FILE *yyin.
How can this external be satisfied? (I have -ll -ly in my ld and those libs
are being found in /usr/ccs/lib)



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