lsof for Solaris 10

lsof for Solaris 10

Post by Vic Abe » Sat, 11 Oct 2003 20:27:14

I am pleased to announce that a port of lsof to Solaris 10 is now
available.  It is being offered in an edition 'E' prerelease of
lsof 4.69.  (Lsof 4.69 won't be released for several weeks.)

The edition 'E' lsof 4.69 prerelease for Sun Solaris only is
available at:

Since this is a prerelease, it is subject to change.  Changes will
be indicated with an increase in the edition suffix, so if you
can't find 'E', look for a gzip'd archive distribution with a higher
suffix -- e.g., 'F'.  Changes will be announced only to the lsof-l
mailing list.

Significant contributions from Casper Dik and Mike Miscevic made
the port possible.  (Thanks, guys!)

Vic Abell, lsof author