Need assist with Interface Data Inc.'s Data X-change Tools

Need assist with Interface Data Inc.'s Data X-change Tools

Post by Raymond N Shwa » Fri, 23 Jun 2000 04:00:00

        We inherited from another office two copies of Interface Data's
Data X-change Tools: one for SCO UnixWare, one for Solaris 2.3+. That
office never used them, and I'm unable to get the Solaris edition installed.
The company appears to have disappeared.

        The Solaris edition is on floppy, and neither our 3000 nor our 5500
include a floppy drive. I tried to read the disk on my Solaris x86 box
without success. I tried a pkgtrans on both that x86 box and our UnixWare
box, again without success.

        Can anyone provide any pointers to the successor company, or hints
as to how I can extract the package from this floppy? We need to process a
substantial number of ANSI-labeled tapes from a mainframe site, and Solaris
just doesn't have the tools to handle them (dd just doesn't cut it).


1. Long data and Short Data on 'g' protocol

Dear Sirs,

I read "Managing uucp and Usenet" and Linux UUCP FAQ, and I don't really
understand about "g" protocol:
1. About CONTROL packets and DATA packets. What's the difference between
Control packets and Data packets ?

2. About LONG Data and SHORT Data:
Is my assumes right that: on LONG DATA, I can define that:

        | Header | DATA---->
I mean, after header format, directly followed by data packets ?

I read on SHORT data, there're value that indicate from (K bytes - first
bytes on data field <data segment>) What's this value for ?

What is "DATA SEGMENT " ? Is it same with  "Data" which I send to another
system ?

For example: If I want to send a file to another system with filename:
"doc1" that contain text :
"This is data" (12 bytes).
How's the format ?

I'm so sorry for asking this. I get assignment to analysis UUCP protocol (to
Indonesian language), but I get problem to understand that protocol.
I will be appreciated any helps.

Wiria Chandra

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